Sougen Microverses

Metaverses for virtual events and NFTs communities.

Microverses could be defined as smaller and independent Metaverse.

The perfect example of what is a Sougen Microverse will be The prologue experience.

Creators will have the freedom to fully customize their Microverse from the shape of the world to the 3D art style.

By default, Microverses are free to create. To unlock advanced customization features, creators or community members will be required to lock or burn a specific amount of Sougen tokens.

In the future, top-tier features will even allow Microverses to hold their own land sales, evolving Microverses into real Community Metaverse.

Unique URLs will be generated for each Microverses to make them accessible in one click.

For companies or communities who need to make their Microverse private, a privacy option will be available. To grant access to private Microverse, users could be required to get invited, hold specific NFTs, pay a fee, or subscribe to a plan through a smart contract.

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