NFTs Avatars

Customization should not be limited to only fashion or accessories.

As we want to offer more creative freedom to our users to show off who they really are in the Metaverse, we will introduce NFTs avatars.

The first species that all the community will be able to incarnate during our alpha phase are called “The ancients”.

They are the creators and protectors of the Metaverse.

Through centuries, they survived countless bear markets, learned Satoshi Nakamoto's true identity, and were there for the release of Ethereum 3.0 in 2094.

Master of the hodl philosophy, they are now the perfect link between nature and technology.

The first Sougen NFTs sale will be held in the coming months and will allow our community to acquire for the only and one-time the ancients NFTs avatars.

Making them the only users able to incarnate these avatars after the alpha.

The ancient avatars owner will also get special benefits like access to our land presale and other advantages that will be announced later.

The coming species, but not exhaustive, list are Humans (they will be the default avatars and will not require NFTs), cyborgs, robots, and anthropomorphic animals.

We also plan to partner with popular NFTs collections to implement their avatars into Sougen.

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