Large-scale multiplayer

From day one, Sougen’s Metaverse will support up to 200 players at the same time per world instance. A never-before-seen number for a 3D Web Metaverse. Offering more fun and immersive experiences for our users.

This achievement has only been possible thanks to the development of our own instance skinned mesh system.

With only the cost of computing an instance skinned mesh once, we can render multiple characters with only the rendering cost of each instance, saving a huge amount of calculation in the process.

This system is allowing us to also add features including:

  • Rich animations and emotes.

  • Advanced skinning and color theming system.

  • Flying or sliding displacement to offer more freedom of movement for our users.

  • Meaningful micro-interactions like head tracking systems between avatars help people to connect on a more emotional level.

As technology evolves, we will be able to scale those numbers while preserving a perfect experience for all.

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