Blazing-fast performances

We believe there were two crucial problematics to answer for the metaverse: - Automatically generate the physic of the assets. - Build rich experience microverse, with fast and fun game-ready physics.

The most common physic engine libraries used on the web seem to be cannon.js and matter.js. Both are great to reproduce simulations for complex physics. Nevertheless, our main priority was to be able to build a new scene as easily and fast as possible.

For that purpose, we needed a physic engine less focused on physic simulation and more oriented for the Metaverse. We wanted to support complex shapes, to automatically transform 3D models (Convex polyhedron) to physic-ready entities. That is why we developed our own physics engine (Sougen engine).

The Sougen engine also allows us to have a more precise collision detection compared to other Metaverses that are using simple shapes (box, sphere, plane) for their collision system. It also allows us to bend more easily the physics to our will and create fun modes.

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