A Web-First Metaverse

Web-First Metaverse represents an amazing opportunity to reach millions of people by reducing the friction of access as much as possible for the users.

The web offer tremendous advantage compare to proprietary platforms:

  • Run-on most of the devices.

  • Connect in one click, no need to install or download anything.

  • Instant publishing on update.

  • Better interoperability to build bridges with other Metaverse.

  • No risk that a centralized company like Apple or Steam blacklists/censors you overnight.

All these features are impossible or very limited for projects made with software like Unity or Unreal.

If you believe decentralization is the future then your Metaverse must be Web-First.

Nevertheless, the development of a metaverse running in the browser requires strong expertise both in web and 3D.

We noticed that most of the web Metaverses offer poor user experiences with low FPS, freezes, and even crashes even on high-spec devices.

We are confident that Sougen has a huge market opportunity to take here.

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