Sougen Builder

The Unity builder for the Web.

A simple but powerful drag and drop editor, directly in your browser. The builder will allow creators to create experiences on top of their land in the GEN world, to build their Microverse, and even allow to craft NFTs assets.

No coding will be required. Sougen will provide a visual interface accessible directly via the web browser. It will allow users to arrange the scene, drag and drop 3D models and textures and customize the assets to seamlessly build, share and sell their creations.

The physic engine will automatically generate and attach collision into the 3D models of the scene provided by the users, without requiring the fastidious work of adding the collisions hitboxes by hand.

It is important for the team to build a great developer community. That is why the builder will be open-source. We will provide the best tools possible to allow developers to extend the builder capacities. As Sougen is based on Javascript, the most commonly used language amongst developers. We believe we will have a huge opportunity to attract them.

Every asset made in this creation tool can be mint as an NFT to allow creators to receive true ownership of everything they made and sell them in the Sougen marketplace.

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