Sougen Whitepaper (last update Feb.2022)

Sougen is a decentralized virtual world that allows people to socialize, learn, work, and get entertained in new ways.

Our 3D Metaverse offers a place for communities to gather and share time together in a more immersive way, adding a physical feeling to their experience.

We believe that Metaverse should grow from a collective effort. This is why our users will be empowered with tools to allow them to seamlessly create their own experiences in Sougen and receive full ownership for their creations thanks to Web 3.0

Furthermore, our main vision is that Metaverse should be open to everyone.

This is why Sougen has been conceived as a Web-First Metaverse, to be accessible from anywhere and on any device through the browser.

While never losing focus on building a user-friendly, inclusive and accessible user experience, we strive to build the most immersive 3D Metaverse experience ever made.

Offering our community endless opportunities.

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