GEN world

The main hub of the Sougen Metaverse.

A place where all the communities gather to create and exchange.

The GEN map will be composed of 102,400 parcels all linked to NFTs and will be obtainable through successive land sales. Out of it, 8,192 parcels (8%) will be held by The Sougen team to create free and high-quality experiences. And 11,264 parcels (11%) will be held in a reserve and distributed to partners, creators, and users as rewards.

Landowners will receive various benefits such as full ownership of their land, the freedom to share, rent or sell their parcel or receive the ability to earn monthly rewards in Sougen tokens and NFTs drop.

The Sougen builder will allow landowners to create their own experience on top of their land, whether it is to start a business, advertise, make games or show off their NFT collections. The Landowner will have access to all the advanced features of the Sougen builder for free.

The GEN world will also have the mission to be a gateway that will showcase and highlight the best Microverses, making them accessible in one click.

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