WebGL powered

While using the industry-standard solutions: Next.js, React and Threejs (React-Three-Fiber) our team of expert allows us to push the boundaries of what it is possible to do in terms of 3D on the web.

WebGL (Short for Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics within any web browser without the use of plug-ins.

WebGL is fully integrated with other web standards, allowing GPU-accelerated usage of image processing and effects.

This technology allows users to access a rich 3D world without requiring them to buy an expensive Playstation, iPhone, or computer, making our Metaverse the most accessible experience of all.

By relying on industry-standard frameworks, we will also be compatible with the next revolution of WEBGPU.

This technology will allow us to unlock native performance on the web, offering a 3D experience similar to the latest game console in the coming years.

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