Sougen Token

Take part to the decentralization revolution

The Sougen ecosystem will be powered by our main utility token.

Use case

Our Token will be used for different purposes:

Minting For minting Fashion accessories and Land.

Microverse builder Advanced features will require creators to lock and burn a specific amount of Sougen tokens.

Exclusive access Access to exclusive areas and experiences in the GEN World.

Transactions Sougen token will allow our users to buy and sell NFTs including land, fashion accessories, avatars, microverse directly in the Metaverse or in the Sougen Marketplace.

Rewards Generate automatic rewards for landowners who will offer free and qualitative experiences on their land. Creators and communities that spend time and bring value to Sougen will also be admissible to receive rewards.

Governance Holding Sougen tokens will allow users to exercise key voting rights on major decisions about the future direction and development of the Sougen ecosystem and the GEN world.

As we believe the token is the most important part of the future of Sougen. We will only release it after we make sure that it has been designed to fit perfectly our ecosystem.

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